Dawn of a new age – well, New Year anyway

A Time for Reflection While December and January of each year seems to be the peak time for goal setting (despise the term resolutions), goals are best revisited more often than at the dawn of a New Year. We all find ourselves thinking, ‘wow, this year has gone fast’, and everything you had aspired to […]

Getting to know your money – Financial Literacy

What type of budget person are you? Budgeting and Financial Literacy means many things to many people. Some people fear the word budget, and are happy to plod along paying all their bills and spending whatever is leftover. Others have spreadsheets, graphs of the mortgage, projections of savings and other repayments, 5 year plans, and […]

Umbrella Fund – saving for that rainy day

  aka Safety Net Regularly contributing to an emergency is an essential line in any budget. Setting up a specific bank account for this can make life easier when the proverbial hits the fan. We have spoken about this before… Budget Basic$ – The 5 features explained   So…this happened… About 3.30pm on a Friday […]

Black Gold – Just like Printing Money…

….For the ink seller With advancing technology, many transactions are being completed electronically and stored in the cloud. Printing data is still often required, which means inevitably upgrading your printer every couple of years. One of the most expensive liquids sold Printer Ink when compared to other items, can be very expensive. Product $ / […]

Book of the Month: ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… and It’s All Small Stuff’ – Dr. Richard Carlson

The Idea In this busy life where we are in constant contact with work and the rest of the world via technology, the ‘Small Stuff’ can be very consuming. Everyday we find ourselves bombarded with various information. From what is the latest super food, to the seemingly ever-present threat of the red button being pressed […]