Try…and Try Again

    The Road to Success In my line of work, there is a lot of talk about how to succeed, what plans you need to put in place to succeed, goal setting and the like. What is not often spoken about is how to deal with failures, how to overcome the sinking feeling of […]

Make… a Start

  Make a Start Tax Season is a great time to make some plans and set some money goals. If you have been able to receive a refund or even if you did not have enough tax held on your behalf and owe the ATO, now is the perfect time to make a start.   […]

Tax Season – Get Spending

  Are you average? According to , the average tax refund is $2,574. However, this is important to remember, EVERY taxpayer is different. There are many factors that go into determining your refund. How much you earned, how much PAYGW was withheld on your behalf, Private Health Insurance coverage and rebates, how many children […]

Tax Talk – Checklists in Detail

  Love a good list Let’s just take a moment to give thanks to the all important ‘to do list’. Without the beautiful thing that is a list, the world would be in chaos. Random food will land in your grocery trolley, jobs around the house will remain incomplete and the population would be overwhelmed […]

Tax Talk – Hot Topics

  Frequently Asked Question’s As an accountant, and apparently if you are the partner of an accountant, there are several questions that keep getting asked. Here are some quick shot topics** to open the conversation and hopefully clear some of these up:   What is this post code offset thing? The government entitles a tax offset […]

Tax Talk – Bitcoin and your tax return

  Bitcoin and the ATO With talk of Bitcoin leading the headlines throughout this year, as with anything concerning money, the attention of the ATO was caught. Consequently, the ATO has put together some points about how they will view any income earned from trading in Bitcoins. So where does this leave Bitcoin Bob when […]