Tax Talk – Checklists in Detail

  Love a good list Let’s just take a moment to give thanks to the all important ‘to do list’. Without the beautiful thing that is a list, the world would be in chaos. Random food will land in your grocery trolley, jobs around the house will remain incomplete and the population would be overwhelmed […]

Tax Talk – Hot Topics

  Frequently Asked Question’s As an accountant, and apparently if you are the partner of an accountant, there are several questions that keep getting asked. Here are some quick shot topics** to open the conversation and hopefully clear some of these up:   What is this post code offset thing? The government entitles a tax offset […]

Tax Talk – Bitcoin and your tax return

  Bitcoin and the ATO With talk of Bitcoin leading the headlines throughout this year, as with anything concerning money, the attention of the ATO was caught. Consequently, the ATO has put together some points about how they will view any income earned from trading in Bitcoins. So where does this leave Bitcoin Bob when […]

Micromanagement – Boss vs Leader

    The Micro-Manager We have all been in the situation where there is always the person over your shoulder telling you what you should do, where you went wrong and why you should do what has always been done. There are many different management styles, but micromanagement is arguably the number one style stated […]

Raise Your Hand – A Moment of Gratitude

    To those of you who raise your hand, Give up your time and make a stand. Juggle through life with many balls in the air, Doing more than enough of your fair share.   Finding many hours to give and not take, Cooking a sizzle of sausage or sandwich of steak. National Volunteer’s […]

Super Money Tree – Soaking up the Fertilizer

  Dealing with Extra Fertilizer Since the introduction of the Superannuation Guarantee Charge (“SGC”) in 1992, nearly every federal budget has made a tweak here and there to SGC, making this a very complex area of finance for every Australian. There is some good news coming from the budget this year, though, meaning every Australian […]