Cash in the Couch – Happy Camper Smash

  The Happy Campers Receiving a money box as a gift and having a dream holiday to save up for are the humble beginnings of ‘Happy Camper Smash’, the newest internet sensation*. Here is Rob and Jan’s story:   The Gold Coin Challenge KP: How long were you saving for? RW: We had the money box […]

Cash in the couch – HECS-HELP Benefit

    The Benefit Details The HECS/HELP Benefit is available to graduates of courses completed after 30 June 2009, (2008 for maths/science graduates). A successful application will mean that the compulsory repayment of your HECS/HELP for the applied income year may be reduced. Australian Higher Education Loans are often ignored because of the low interest […]

HECS-HELP Debt – Hooray for student loans

What is HECS-HELP Debt? HECS-HELP is a loan scheme to help eligible Commonwealth supported students pay their student contribution amounts, until 2005 this was known as HECS. FEE-HELP is a loan to help eligible fee paying students to pay their tuition fees. What this means is that most Australian’s can access university and pay their […]

Record Keeping – death by a thousand (paper) cuts

LORKS… an epidemic! Over-paying suppliers, doubling up on data entry and piles of documents in the in-tray are all symptomatic of having LORKS, Lack of an Organised Records Keeping System. According to the Australian Taxation Office (“ATO”), one of the leading causes of a business folding is poor record keeping. Not only businesses are succumbing […]

Valentine’s Day – the cost of love

A Hallmark Holiday? With every holiday or day of celebration, there is always the discussion on commercialisation. Hot cross buns being available on New Years Day, Cards for everything from Mother’s Day to Graduation from Kindergarten and the now predominately used term ‘Hallmark Holiday’ all too often cloud over the history or significance of most special […]