Quarter Time

  First or Final Quarter With Footy Finals still fresh in our minds, a quarter can be a long time in football and not to be wasted in other aspects of our lives as well. Quarter Time is used to pause, drink some water and catch our breath before heading back in to the game. […]

13 Friday’s Until Christmas

    You read that right… so get planning. Christmas Expenses should be no surprise as thankfully, the date remains the same each and every year. Revisit our blog on the Christmas Countdown To Do list to make this year easier to manage. Make your Christmas Plan NOW      – Karen Patterson    

Protect your ASSets

  Another Register We are all a bit tired of the red tape and ever presence of the Government and having to register everything from our cars to our births, deaths and marriages. While off the grid may be appealing for some, registering your personal property can save your ASSets.   Here’s why… Bob has […]

Try…and Try Again

    The Road to Success In my line of work, there is a lot of talk about how to succeed, what plans you need to put in place to succeed, goal setting and the like. What is not often spoken about is how to deal with failures, how to overcome the sinking feeling of […]