To Err is Human, to Volunteer can be Life-Changing

    When did you last do something? Coming off a weekend where I experienced first hand the life-changing aspects that volunteering can have on a small community, got me thinking… Every community event, sporting match, school concert, even the Olympic Games would not be possible without people raising their hand to help out. Becoming […]

Books and Budgets

Budgeting By The Book Being the avid blog readers that I am sure you all are, you will recall that I have discussed some of the fundamentals from the Barefoot Investor’s The Only Money Guide You will Ever Need on occasion. With the release of his new book, aimed at the little Barefoot’s in your […]

Quarter Time

  First or Final Quarter With Footy Finals still fresh in our minds, a quarter can be a long time in football and not to be wasted in other aspects of our lives as well. Quarter Time is used to pause, drink some water and catch our breath before heading back in to the game. […]